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A Mob of Red-Billed Gulls

A Mob of Red-Billed Gulls

These red-billed gulls must have found some food scraps, as they fluttered about, making a major racket.

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  1. So nice to see in B&W!

  2. I like gulls, and this picture make me smile.
    Have a nice evening 🙂

  3. Beautiful flying birds!
    Are you still in Germany? If you are near Dortmund (who wants to go there?), we could meet.

  4. Awesome picture – I love Gulls so it explain why I like it? – Well done

  5. A beautiful photo with great sharpness and nice light.

  6. I love the detail of their wings – all flared out and showing the feathers so well.

  7. Gulls always look (and sound) like they are at a party.

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