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One in a Million

JB Surveying Kreuzstrasse

JB Surveying Kreuzstrasse

Meetings between Mainz and Auckland have become a fine tradition over some 18 months or so (see here and here and here), and the most recent one succeeded against huge odds. This time on German soil, in Bad Kreuznach, and in an extended setting.

I have yet to determine how brother-in-law Martin who had never met jb, figured that the somewhat jet-lagged person sticking out of the crowd could be no other than Mr MainzDailyPhoto, guiding him and Mrs jb to our meeting place. But then, jb is one in a million!

The suggestion to move on to the Brauwerk was superb, and a good time was had until well after dark. May there be many more such occasions!

Herta, Anneliese, Luca, Petra, Martin, John

Herta, Anneliese, Luca, Petra, Martin, John

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  1. Kate

    A great photo of good friends meeting to enjoy one another’s company. The beer looks pretty refreshing.

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