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Rooster Lane, Braubach

Rooster Lane, Braubach

The theme for October of the City Daily Photo community is “Silhouette”. Click here (or at the Facebook group page) for contributions of other participants.

I took these two shots in close proximity to each other in a place called Braubach on the Rhine, a few weeks ago. They are my contribution to the theme.

Keeping the Birds at Bay

Keeping the Birds at Bay


  1. Shantaram

    When’s a cat not a cat? That’s a very interesting one!!

  2. Kate

    The top photo looks like it might be an ad for a drinking and eating establishment??

  3. Chrissy Brand

    Wonderful top shot for the theme day!

  4. Ali

    Very nice illustrations of the theme! I like that cat on the bottom.

  5. LondonLulu

    Very handsome silhouettes and a great contrast between the two – lovely theme day captures!

  6. EG CameraGirl , Canada

    Love your interpretation of the word silhouette! 🙂

  7. wilf wang

    This is a good one, silhouettes high up and low on the ground…:)Pretty

  8. Karl

    What a beautiful sign on the top photo, I love it!

  9. paul

    @Kate: about the “Hahnweg” sign: I remember being a bit puzzled by the sign. If memory serves, I did not see an eatery, and the sign does not point in the direction of the narrow lane, but hangs across. But I only grabbed the shot on the way back to the car. Google maps later showed that the street name is “Hahnweg”.

  10. Meghan

    Very nice sign at the top. The cat’s shadow doesn’t quite make sense to me, but maybe I’m seeing it wrong.

  11. Anneliese

    Ist der Hahn vielleicht weg?

  12. Julie

    Hello Paul

    Thank you for your comment/email. As far as I know, the portal is a thing of the past. It is very difficult to get Eric Tenin from Paris DP to say so out loud. Yes, there were two volunteers who created the entire portal, a father and son, with the father being a friend of Eric’s. They both live in Boston. However, twice this year the portal was hacked and it was the devil to retrieve the data each time. After the second hacking, the volunteers declined to recreate the functionality. It is a complex piece of software I gather, not that I know anything! A chap from Singapore tried to get us something temporary going, but that proved to be beyond his ability. So … the portal is gone.

    Where we go from here I have no idea. There is a CDPB FB Group Page, but I have received many emails from bloggers who simply do not want to go there. They do not use FB. They do not like FB. And besides, with the amount of scrolling involved, very quickly each post is down off the screen; meaning out of sight out of mind. There is very little traffic generated to individual blogs by posting onto the FB Group Page.

    I agree that the harvesting of the thumbnails that the portal did was a fantastic way of seamlessly creating a community. However, now that people have to do the posting themselves we are reduced from about 500 members to something like 42 on FB and 66 on the Theme Day blog. I fully expect these both to close come the end of the year.

    Kind regards

  13. Buck

    Very nice silhouettes, both!

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