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Railway Calligraphy

Railway Calligraphy

The electrification of Auckland’s railway system is making progress. In about a year’s time the noisy diesel driven trains may well be replaced by whisper quiet fast electric trains with superior acceleration. In the meantime we can already try to decipher the cryptic messages in the sky. (Sturges Road Station.)

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Railway Calligraphy

Railway Calligraphy


  1. It does seem a convoluted way to get their point across!

  2. Cool captures for your skywatch. Some of the wires remind me of musical notes. Great photos!

  3. I have only been to Auckland once, and dearly loved it. Thanks for letting me see what is happening there now.

  4. It looks very interesting. Feels like music is in the air.

  5. Great find, the top photo is brilliant.

  6. Musical notes in the sky 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like music notes!

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  8. that is such a stunning picture ! Nice skywatch indeed !

  9. What a lovely drawing in the sky:)) Great shot!

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