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Whau in Bloom

Whau Blossom

Whau Blossom

Whau (Entelea arborescens) is a New Zealand native shrub or tree, quite popular nowadays for plantings at motorways. They are flowering at the moment, and we saw a huge specimen bulging out of the grounds of Government House, shown below.

The prickly seedpods have featured in earlier posts, here and here.

Whau Tree in full Bloom

Whau Tree in full Bloom

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  1. I’m glad you’ve featured the whau: like many people, I think, I knew nothing of its existence until quite recently, which is almost criminal given that I have lived near the Whau River for 20 years and given that Maungawhau (Mt Eden, as we always called it then) loomed large in my childhood. The plantings alongside motorways have made a huge difference to my awareness of this special tree. And it’s nice to see the flowers close up – I haven’t, previously. Will enjoy looking at your other whau posts.

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