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Nesting (Corrina Hoseason)

Nesting (Corrina Hoseason)

Nesting (Corrina Hoseason)

This piece by Corrina Hoseason in white ceramic and lacquer was exhibited in the Portage Ceramic Awards 2012 recently. The venue was The Cloud, and we are looking through the north facing window into a bright and sunny sky.

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  1. Dragonstar

    It’s a beautiful piece, and has a delicacy against the sky.

  2. Gemma Wiseman

    Something quite ethereal about this sculpture in such intense light!

  3. HansHB

    Great captured, – perfect in B&W!

  4. Bia Hain

    Lindos traços da cerâmica, delicados e limpos. Um abraço!

    O mirante da imagem

  5. Laura Hegfield

    quite lovely. I do hope you will join me and many others in creating a gratitude word quilt this year…information about the quilt and how to participate is at the top of my blog:-)

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