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The Hand

Hand by Bootleg Design

Hand by Bootleg Design

On a train journey to the city, I noticed this hand beside the railway line (Haultain Street, Eden Terrace). It turns out that it belongs to Bootleg Design, creators of themed interiors, 3D models, sets and props. From their website:

Looking to make an impact with your visual display, advertising shoot, interactive exhibition or retail / entertainment centre? Or perhaps you need ‘ice’ that never melts, a piece of ‘chocolate’ 2 metres by 4 metres or a 3-dimensional sign promoting your products or company? Look no further.”

This hand is actually made of some kind of plastic, with a surface treatment imitating rust.


  1. Kate

    Talk about a helping hand!!

  2. Grace

    I\’m guessing that this oversized (read enormous!!) hand will make quite the visual impact!
    btw Paul thanks for the link re the Kusser site, now why didn\’t I find this, you are a better
    \’super sleuth\’ than I haha!The Malcolm McGregor paving feature is just to the side there,
    you can see it in the first shot even though it\’s probably not as clear as I could have got it.

  3. Cahaming

    We’ve airvred at the end of the line and I have what I need!

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