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February 21, 2013

Spinning Tiers (Steve Woodward 2006/07)

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Spinning Tiers (Steve Woodward (2006/07)

Spinning Tiers (Steve Woodward (2006/07)

Presently on display at the Karanga Plaza, Wynyard Quarter, as part of the Summer of Sculpture. Bronze, stainless steel bearing system, granite base. Contact: (09) 827 1438 or mobile +64 21 256 5117.

And, yes, it does spin — give it a whirl!

Catalogue note: “Spinning Tiers is both a monument, a memorial to our threatened world and a celebration of life through the dynamic elements that make up our universe. Ref to the Sotoba or Go Rin To it is a tower of five elements.”

We have shown other work by Steve Woodward on this blog before.

Spinning Tiers (Steve Woodward (2006/07)

Spinning Tiers (Steve Woodward (2006/07)

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