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The Beauty of Decay



The City Daily Photo theme for June is “The Beauty of Decay”. Click here to see contributions of participants around the world.

Instead of a self portrait, I offer examples from our natural environment.

Decay of wood is mostly caused by fungi, unseen until the fruiting bodies emerge. The ones shown are quite likely the fruiting bodies of the honey mushroom Armillaria Novae Zealandiae but I am not very familiar with fungi. They grew on a fallen kanuka tree in the bush.

Armillaria Novae Zealandiae?

Armillaria Novae Zealandiae?


  1. Merisi in Vienna

    “Instead of a self portrait” – “giggles”

    Love those mushrooms, especially the view from down under!

  2. Dina

    No self portrait, haha. I wonder if anyone will do that today.

    These mushroom photos are beautiful, especially the unexpected bottom view!

  3. Lynette

    You’ve made a great Theme Day post. The self-portrait part made me smile.

  4. Lauren

    What amazing images. Thank you for commenting in Coventry.

  5. LuiZ FernandoS

    In the thumbnail photo, it looked like they were dandelions

  6. Oui ! Très originale illustration du thème.
    Les champignons ne sont-ils pas les grosses moisissures de la décrépitude ?

  7. Virginia

    Oh these are great macros. Clever interpretation of the theme today!

  8. Meghan

    From underneath they look like fireworks. Very nice!

  9. Jo

    wonderful photos!!

  10. Chattahoochee Valley

    Very pretty fungi

  11. Hamilton

    some of the prettiest decay I’ve seen so far!

  12. Kay

    What a wonderful view of the mushrooms – from underneath. They look like an explosion of tiny Ferris wheels. Great post for the theme. I also was considering a self-portrait – it would at least be somewhat accurate phonetically in its title: The beauty of de Kay.”

  13. PrincetonDailyPhoto

    Haha, you picked a great one – I’ve never seen such pretty mushrooms! Love the perspective.

  14. krisz fu

    Ooh funghi! they are quite pretty

  15. wilf wang

    Cute mushrooms! You have captured them very well in these photo.

  16. Gunn

    I find this quite artistic!
    Nice and interesting posting.

  17. Karl

    Wonderful photos, especially the first one!

  18. Jim

    Great mushies.

  19. VP

    The self-portrait would have been a good choice for many of us, but you really picked something different and original!

  20. TheChieftess

    Wonderful photos!!! Such delicate things to create such decay!!!

  21. Aurore

    So beautiful! And me too, I thought they were dandelions in the thumbnail 😉

  22. BlossomFlowerGirl

    Fantastic photo. Love the angle.

  23. nathalie

    Now that top photo is spectacular. Congratulations!

    (none of us apparently has dared go down the “human decay” path… not brave enough !)

  24. paul

    Hmmm, we are all going down that path – just not showing photographic evidence!

  25. JM

    Outstanding shot on top! Love it. Great take on the theme.

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