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Takeaways, Kingsland

Takeaways, Kingsland

A grab shot as I was passing this Mediterranean Takeaways with the waiting customer. The reflection of the winter sky and of the sharp delineation of the Portland Buildings caught my eye.

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  1. I love reflections like this, with so much visible inside as well. Excellent photo!

  2. Lovely photo, great reflections!

  3. Cool,- with great reflections!

  4. Interesting. In Sydney we call them Yeeros rather than Gyros.

  5. Black & White and Reflections too. Two memes for the price of one. Great shot!

  6. Really interesting!

  7. Nice capture, great eye

  8. This Gyro chappy appears to be very successful – they even have Gyro’s Takeaways over here in Europe….

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