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Theme Day: Street Lamps

Avondale Roundabout Lamp

Avondale Roundabout Lamp

The Avondale Roundabout is a busy intersection, with a fine lamp as its centerpiece. The picture below gives a wider context, showing the Jan Grefstad’s Hollywood Cinema in the background.

The City Daily Photo theme for August is “Street Lamps”.

This news item just to hand as I post: “Electricity bill mailed to a street lamp…

Avondale Roundabout

Avondale Roundabout


  1. gerald

    a lovely pair of lamps

  2. RedPat

    Love that top shot!

  3. Karl

    The top shot is gorgeous, beautiful lamp and interesting stree signs!

  4. Hamilton

    The lamp is beautiful, but the signs are a bit confusing!

  5. Kate

    The lamp and the signs do double duty.

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