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Theme Day: Street Lamps

Avondale Roundabout Lamp

Avondale Roundabout Lamp

The Avondale Roundabout is a busy intersection, with a fine lamp as its centerpiece. The picture below gives a wider context, showing the Jan Grefstad’s Hollywood Cinema in the background.

The City Daily Photo theme for August is “Street Lamps”.

This news item just to hand as I post: “Electricity bill mailed to a street lamp…

Avondale Roundabout

Avondale Roundabout


  1. a lovely pair of lamps

  2. Love that top shot!

  3. The top shot is gorgeous, beautiful lamp and interesting stree signs!

  4. The lamp is beautiful, but the signs are a bit confusing!

  5. The lamp and the signs do double duty.

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