(Top image removed at the artist’s request; 05/01/2015)

Wellington ceramic artist Raewyn Atkinson kindly posed for me with her work “Wasters” at the Art Fair. A circular arrangement of millions of   numerous cup handles, found at the beach in California (the mind boggles trying to imagine the scenes of mass destruction which led to such a serendipitous outcome — don’t they know how to handle crockery over there?).

[Subsequent to my flippant remarks, Raewyn explains: “The handles were gathered from a beach where the ceramics factory, Tepco, dumped their wasters for over thirty years.”]

Also by the same artist (and in one piece) “Deep Time #29”, a work in porcelain and glaze which surprised with the ever changing aspects of its cylindrical hollows.

Raewyn Atkinson is represented by RH Gallery, Nelson.

The Auckland Art Fair closes today.

Waters (Detail)

Wasters (Detail)

Deep Time #29 (Raewyn Atkinson, 2012)

Deep Time #29 (Raewyn Atkinson, 2012)