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Tension wil be high

High Tension Cable

High Tension Cable

A high tension cable carrying 22kV to 33kV has been installed between Blockhouse Bay substation and the construction site at State Highway 20, where it will power the Tunnel Boring Machine (going by the name of ‘Alice’). On one of my visits to the site I watched technicians joining cables and one of them explaining proceedings. He also handed me a sample of the cable: over 5cm diameter, with thick dielectric insulation and aluminium conductors of about 4mm diameter (you can count them and let me know the result when you have finished).

The difference between the two views: one cut with a bolt cutter, the other with a saw.

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High Tension Cable

High Tension Cable


  1. jb

    And this

    Great electron microscopic photography, sir!

  2. paul

    Slowly but surely catching up on the ‘music’ of the nineties with your capable assistance…

  3. jb

    The 70s were better……

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