Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens




The City Daily Photo theme for September is “Pink”. Click here to admire more incarnations of this hue.

From time to time I pass this letterbox — it’s dressed to impress.


  1. Jo

    I hope the rest of the house isn’t so loud..
    Great shot for Theme Day

  2. Kate

    No-one could ever miss that mailbox. Great for finding the residence.

  3. Valladolid Daily Photo

    Excellent choice for this theme day.Have a good week!

  4. joan

    Well spotted. That is really an in-your-face pink.

  5. Spiderdama

    Really strong pink!
    I’m curious about how the house looks..
    Great photo!

  6. Mo

    Well the postman could never say they couldn’t find the post box here

  7. Jim


  8. MaryBeth

    Love it!! I painted our mailbox shocking brilliant blue. some didn’t like it but the mail driver did. These people are showing their individuality–I think. MB

  9. wilf wang

    Lovely letter box!

  10. RedPat

    Can’t be missed!

  11. Karl

    Cute self made letterbox, really a nice find for this theme!

  12. Marleen, NL

    I love this one. Excellent choice.

  13. Kay

    Wow! Nice interpretation of the theme – very eye-catching. I’ll bet I couldn’t talk my husband into painting our box this color.

  14. Suzanne

    I suppose the postman can never miss this one. Nice pink!

  15. Babzy

    can’t be more Pink ! 😉

  16. Tanya

    that is one cute little mailbox!

  17. Lynette

    That’s Pepto-pink. Great shot for theme day!

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