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Spoonbills at Western Springs

In the Willows

In the Willows

We went for a walk around Western Springs, yesterday. The tree that used to be full of shags had been claimed by a flock of Royal Spoonbills, some resting in the shrubbery, some apparently gathering twigs. The last (and only) time that I saw spoonbills at Western Springs was 11 years ago.

These birds can look so comical!

More spoonbills here.

A Commotion of Royal Spoonbills

A Commotion of Royal Spoonbills

Royal Spoonbill

Royal Spoonbill


  1. Karl

    These birds are completely new for me, never seen before!
    They really look comical, the 2nd photo is fantastic! 🙂

  2. joan

    What interesting birds. Their bills are so huge I’d expect them to make a slapping noise when the open and shut their mouth.

  3. Claire G

    Wow! The first and only time I’ve seen a spoonbill live (as opposed to in photos) was in Australia, three or four years ago. Now they’re on my back doorstep I’m definitely going to pay them a visit.

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