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Truncated Cone

Truncated Cone

One more of the displays from last weekend. These students (“Paper Moon“) constructed conical shapes from cleverly cut acrylic felt, with nice illumination. Many of the items moved up and down, driven by simple motors.

An unfinished view of a particularly large one appeared on Thursday last week.

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  1. Great composition! Love it!

  2. Great composition for the B&W theme!

  3. Stunning pattern with fascinating, slight shifts of tone in this object.

  4. The students did well and you managed a great b/w image.

  5. You’ve really captured this one well. Great angle and lighting.

  6. The students did a great job,- very interesting shape and pattern!

  7. That’s a winner, the delicate lines are perfectly lighted.

  8. Beautiful! Delicate lines, delicate light, everything just right.

  9. Fantastic photo! wonderful pattern!

  10. Great composition! Perfect for B&W!


  11. makes for a great black and white photo..

  12. Great texture and pattern in your photo. Nicely done.

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