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Roof Turbine Ventilators

Roof Turbine Ventilators

Roof turbine ventilators on a building at Unitec Institute of Technology.

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  1. A great B&W composition!

  2. A georgeos shot, graphic…

  3. I like the composition in this picture. Nice shot!

  4. A nice composition – simple and elegant.

  5. Great shot, it is a little surreal.

  6. What fun! They look like sculptures in black and white.

  7. Great photo in B&W! Wonderful composition!

  8. Finding beauty in the ordinary…great shot!

  9. Great shot, Paul! I like the simple and clean composition, and almost graphic look, and I agree with Karen,- findig beauty in the ordinary!

  10. Wonderful! They look like chefs’ hats đŸ˜‰

  11. A beautiful B&W composition!

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