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At the Playground

Olympic Park Space Net

Olympic Park Space Net

The playground at Olympic Park, New Lynn, boasts a big rope structure to climb on.

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  1. Funny picture! I’ve seen some of these rope structures in schoolyards here in Norway to, and the children loves to climb them! It’s much better for the young bodies than PS3…

  2. Lovely contribution to the B&W theme!
    They look happy!

  3. Lovely picture- and the dramatic sky makes a perfect background.

  4. What a great shot for monochrome. So much contrast and so many lines. Great shot.

  5. Kids having fun – nice b & W silhouettes!

  6. Great shot. That looks like so much fun.

  7. wow, that seems like a lot of fun. 🙂

  8. Those ropes make for an interesting structure and it looks pretty fun!

  9. It does look like fun, and the lines against the sky make an interesting pattern.

  10. Great and funny photo!

  11. Beautiful photo in B&W!

  12. Wonderful structure! I know some children who would love to climb in there!

  13. Looks like fun… great photo Paul!

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