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Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

All manner of creatures can be found on my window panes. Here a jumping spider basks in the sunshine.

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  1. Spiders are fascinating creatures. Fine shot.

  2. Very special – a creature that “asked” for the monochrome treatment

  3. Great shot of this moment!

  4. Awesome.I am fascinated by spiders…they just have to respect my privacy.

  5. I know Australia gets a lot of the poisonous creepies – looks like you might as well.

  6. Neat shot, and good eye. A creature hanging in space, visually if not actually!

  7. Neat photo, how did you catch that?

  8. Great shot. Looks like the spider is climbing across the sky.

  9. I think you got a lot of spiders there! Perfect shot!

  10. Oh my! Such a great photo!

  11. perfect image of the spider. 🙂

  12. Ahhhhh spider!
    But good pictures!
    Anna 🙂

  13. Wonderful photo of an interesting little spider. Almost looks like the spider is suspended in mid air.

  14. I hate spiders,- but a very good shot, I have to say!
    Have a nice week, Paul:)

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