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Self Portrait with Rippling Waters

Crossing a Stream

Crossing a Stream

Crossing the shallow Waitakere Stream at Te Henga (Bethells Beach) in brilliant afternoon sun.

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  1. Cool shot and capture.

  2. It looks like mosaic! Beautiful!

  3. That stream caught the eye (too!). Looks like it has been knitted.

  4. Nice composition, Paul, I like the ripples!

  5. I love this! RuneE is right – knitting, or maybe strings of beads. Quite beautiful.

  6. Love the water, almost like cell structures in a plant.

  7. Nice abstract selfie! Very creative.

  8. Amazing how beautiful that dry creek bottom looks. (And the shadow is a nice ‘selfie’)

  9. Brilliant photo in B&W! Great pattern and wonderful play of light and shadows!

  10. Great shot , and it works very well in B&W! I love the ripples,- beautiful pattern!

  11. Great photo. Simple and beautiful.

  12. This is so cool!! And very creative =)

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