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Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery

The City Daily Photo theme for February is “Entry”, and mine is a free one, courtesy of Auckland City. My last visit was just a few days ago.

Revolving doors, one for entry and one for exit. The publicity department go to great lengths to spell out the word “art” on every possible occasion.

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  1. This is bloody brilliant!!

  2. A good interpretation of the theme!

  3. Love the ‘Free Entry’, very nice

  4. I love the way they fit the word ART into every sign — I’m more of a word person than a picture person, and this would definitely bring me into the museum. Brilliant marketing.

  5. Super find for theme day. Well done!

  6. Really nice shot! A very creative idea for your City Daily Photo theme.

  7. Bravo for your composition. Love the Exit sign balancing Entry.

  8. I really like the logo and love the café name, very creative!

  9. That’s really artful. Love the sign and the doors.

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