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A Crowd

Crowd, Auckland Lantern Festival

Crowd, Auckland Lantern Festival

The City Daily Photo theme for March is “People on the Street”. Click here for more contributions.

The street is Princes Street Auckland, and the occasion is the last day of the Auckland Lantern Festival, celebrating the year of the horse. The people: too numerous to mention.


  1. Virginia

    The photo gives us a sense of movement here.

  2. Jim

    Interesting shot.

  3. tanya breese

    that is awesome!

  4. Lynette

    You’ve made a great Theme Day post!

    If you’d like to see my Theme Day post, it’s up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo. Thanks!

  5. Zosia

    In the crowd everyone is anonymous, just like in this photo with blurry faces. An interesting entry into the theme day.
    Thank you for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again.

  6. Halcyon

    Perfect choice for the theme day! I love the blurred look too.

  7. EG CameraGirl

    WOW! Lots going on!

  8. Kay

    This effect is perfect for how it feels in a big crowd like this!

  9. Lauren Kennedy

    Somehow I missed this on Theme Day. Smashing image.

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