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Yesterday was the official start of autumn in NZ, so we present a representation of this season that is found above the entrance to the Settlers Country Manor and Gamekeepers Restaurant in Waimauku.

See also Summer and Winter.

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  1. As you move into autmn we look forward to spring after the wettest winter on record.

  2. Fine sculpture. Perfect photo for Autumn.

  3. Such great details on your b&w photo here! Good job!

  4. I like your autumn and the young harvester 🙂

  5. Nice picture….we are looking forward to the rrival of spring!

  6. Great shot of the sculpture.

  7. There’s nice details revealed by the monochrome.

    Sign me up for Summer!

  8. Lovely photo of this fine sculpture!

  9. Autumn is my favourite time of year. It’s still very much winter in the Greater Toronto Area, though. 😉

  10. such a beautiful statue. Love the look of it and it is gorgeous in bw. 🙂

  11. Beautiful sculpture and a beautiful image! I love all the soft greys.

  12. This is a beautiful sculpture, I like your choice of b&w.

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