Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens

A Prime Example…

Whoa! (Jonathan Bowman)

Whoa! (Jonathan Bowman)

… of a City Daily Photo Blogger: upstanding when others fly away with their umbrellas …

jb of NotTheNelsonDailyPhoto and, main(z)ly, of the MainzDailyPhoto is in town with Ms jb, and we had a most enjoyable get-together. First visiting the Harbourview Sculpture Trail at Te Atatu, then relaxing with friends Ingrid and David, food, drink, and stories.

The sculpture by Jonathan Bowman is entitled “Whoa!”, a photograph on steel.

The Harbourview Sculpture Trail is open until March 30. Go there!

Primes up Close and Personal

Primes up Close and Personal


  1. herta

    What a guy, in his prime!!

  2. paul

    Did you mean “in his primes”?

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