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Dawn Awakening (Tim Elliot)

The Eye (Tim Elliot, Dawn Awakening - Detail)

The Eye (Tim Elliot, Dawn Awakening – Detail)

One more item from the Harbourview Sculpture Trail: Tim Elliot’s sculpture “Dawn Awakening” is made from twin wall polycarbonate, aluminium, stainless steel and plywood timber and stands nearly 2.5m high.

Starting from the meaning of the name Te Atatu (Dawn), the artist expands into symbolism:

Dawn Awakening symbolically moulds into shape the coming of light and the arousal of our consciousness through an awakening of senses. The 24 hours before dawn are represented by 24 planes radiating along one axis from right ear to left eye, crossing perpendicularly with planes representing the 24 hours that follow, on an axis oriented from left ear to right eye. The intersection represents the very instant that is dawn.

(From the catalogue notes.)

For more black and white images check out Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.

Note: Harbourview Sculpture Trail closed today (15/03/14) due to weather. (Cyclone Lusi or its descendants might come raging…) But on Sunday, 16 March, they will be open, rain or shine.

Tim Elliot, Dawn Awakening

Tim Elliot, Dawn Awakening


  1. HansHB

    Awesome B&W compositions, well done!

  2. Gemma Wiseman

    Such beautiful sculptures. The first one demands exploration from a curious eye and the second is simply fascinating.

  3. RuneE

    This looks like a photographers heaven. On might spent hours finding new angles, perspectives, close-ups and what-not here. Well done!

  4. Ileana

    Great pictures!

  5. Dragonstar

    I love the first one. Great shapes.

  6. LonettA

    Fantastic photos of this great sculture!

  7. TheChieftess

    Interesting sculpture…I’m glad you showed the full sculpture…but the eye is really interesting!!!

  8. Karen

    impressive sculpture! Great in b/w and a very good choice !

  9. Taken For Granted

    Your first photo caused me to spend some time looking at it as I thought I saw people working on the structure. That confused me as to it’s scale. Your second photo explains it all. Great post.

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