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Do Not Open!

Do Not Open!

Do Not Open!

Warning signs for the construction workers, not to step out onto the unprotected balconies. At the Merchant Quarter, New Lynn.

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  1. HansHB

    A great B&W composition, well done!

  2. Rajesh

    Interesting capture.

  3. Birgitta

    Interesting and great photo!

  4. Gemma Wiseman

    Wow. That almost looks like a cardboard box with bonus features. Dramatic in black and white.

  5. Dragonstar

    Quite a find. Love the shapes and shadows.

  6. RuneE

    I’m always impressed vy your architectural work. A very nic composition of lines and angles

  7. abrianna

    I like the symmetry in this shot.

  8. Linda W.

    Nice work! It has rhythm!

  9. Prairie Jill

    Great shot! Perfect in b&w.

  10. Taken For Granted

    Nice rhythm and pattern in your photo. Do not open signs are trying to keep workers from falling off patios.

  11. Alexa T

    Interesting aspects in b&w!

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