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In the Green Room

In the Green Room

In the Green Room

At the beginning of the month, Lopdell House opened its doors to show the refurbished facilities. While the theatre was not quite ready, the green room was resplendent with smoke and mirrors and lamps, enough to get lost in.

Note: The Upstairs Gallery is now back at the Lopdell House, their first show in the new premises opened on Thursday (“Spiritual Terrain” – paintings by Terry Prince.)

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  1. Excellent b&w photo!

  2. Wow! That’s such a cool shot with all the reflected bulbs!

  3. Difficult photography, but beautifully done. I love all the reflected light bulbs and mirrors.

  4. Mirrors on mirrors

  5. Really wonderful composition in B&W! Great reflections!

  6. amazing play of pools of light. Like some beautiful illusion.

  7. A great and special photo in b&w!

  8. “green room” to em means artists waiting for result to come. Cool image.

    Could be something for my “catching light” meme. 🙂 Open mondays.

  9. Love the mirrored lights.

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