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Shelter Structures (Gregor Kregar, 2006)

Shelter Structure I (Gregor Kregar, 2006)

Shelter Structure I (Gregor Kregar, 2006)

These sculptures by Gregor Kregar are on display in the grounds of the TSB Bank Wallace Art Centre. Constructed from acrylic sheet and aluminium – almost all faces being triangles.

The City Daily Photo theme for April is “Triangles”. Click here for more contributions to the theme.

More works by Gregor Kregar on this blog – one of them is a piece in which all faces are triangles.

Shelter Structure II (Gregor Kregar, 2006)

Shelter Structure II (Gregor Kregar, 2006)

Shelter Structures (Gregor Kregar, 2006)

Shelter Structures (Gregor Kregar, 2006)


  1. Jim

    How interesting is that.

  2. William Kendall

    Fascinating looking shapes in these sculptures. A good take on the theme!

  3. Julie

    They look a smidge fragile, but I suspect that boy would have found any weaknesses.

  4. VP

    Some eye-catching sculptures… with a lot of triangles!

  5. Daryl

    super shot .. great interpretation of this month’s theme!

  6. Babzy

    Great triangles piece of art ! šŸ™‚

  7. Grace

    I think you have this one all wrapped up Paul šŸ™‚

  8. Karl

    Fascinating sculptures, Paul, great interpretation of this theme!

  9. cieldequimper

    That’s fun art and so full of triangles!

  10. Kay

    Very good interpretation of the theme – and the shot with the children is especially nice! Well done!

  11. Genie - Paris and Beyond

    Your triangle post is similar to mine on a smaller, but no less artistic, scale. The triangle is such a perfect building block (element) for architects. Love the structures.


  12. Lauren Kennedy

    Nicely done!

  13. Hilda

    Fascinating and fun!

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