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Disco Ball

Disco Ball at Carriageworks

Disco Ball at Carriageworks

Our Sydney grandsons Felix and Zac study their reflections in the square tiles of a giant disco ball at Carriageworks, Sydney.

Today marks the end of a great holiday in Sydney, as well as “Theme Day” for the City Daily Photo bloggers. The theme for May is “Squares” (after “Triangles” last month – will it be “Pentagons” next?).. Click here to see other contributions to the theme.


  1. Jo

    Its a shame holidays come to an end, especially when having to leave family.
    Great post for Theme Day, with the added square windows in the background.

  2. Kate

    Squares within a circle. Cool!

  3. Peter TilburgDailyPhoto

    Nice picture!

  4. Hamilton

    They look like large pixels!

  5. William Kendall

    The reflections in these squares are marvelous!

  6. jb

    This thing you have with mirrors is a worry. The onset of post-pubescent narcissism?

  7. Oakland Daily Photo

    My favorite photo for Theme Day.

  8. Daryl

    Happy May 1st .. what a good photo for today’s theme

  9. valladoliddailyphoto

    Interesting choice for this theme day. Really like it!

  10. Lauren Kennedy

    Love the expressions on your sweet Grandsons’ faces here. What a enormous collection of squares :).

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