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Crafty Baker

Lee, Christine, Pete - Crafty Bakers

Lee, Christine, Pete – Crafty Bakers

The Crafty Baker opened its doors to the public on Friday – a roaring success, even though it meant that their fabled croissants had sold out by the time I arrived after midday. In my usual moderate way, I got a seeded sourdough loaf and a ginger slice (because it is hard to resist temptation). Yummy crusty bread – no doubt I will be back.

A family business (Lee the baker with wife Calli, and her parents Pete and Christine), based on sound values. We wish them success.

From their Facebook page yesterday (Saturday): “Crazy day today… you guys wipe us out, we had 4 cakes left at 2pm, no bread, no pies, no bakes, no sandwiches, no pastries!!!!! Thanks for everyones support. Opening tomorrow 8am- 2pm.” So better be quick!

Lee in Action

Lee in Action

Little Temptations

Little Temptations


  1. Calli

    Thank you for coming and taking some amazing pictures of our Crafty Team.

  2. paul

    My pleasure, Calli — you are the notable omission in these shots…

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