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Self Portrait at Ascot

Hospital Scene

Hospital Scene

At Ascot Hospital, that is. While there is no doubt that hospitals look best from the outside, if you have to go inside, this is a good place. After a long grey afternoon the clouds opened a narrow slot, letting the sun stream in.

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  1. HansHB

    Great “self-portrait”! Perfect using b&w!
    Well done!
    My post at:

  2. Dragonstar

    A nice self-portrait, even if the surroundings might not be your first choice! I hope you’re OK now.

  3. jb

    Pray tell…..

  4. Christian

    Beautiful idea, going to a hospital is mostly not so funny, hope everything is well.

  5. Gemma Wiseman

    Such a lovely perspective with so many dimensions of shape and light and shadow.

  6. Pat

    This is a creative and unique self portrait.

  7. Steve

    A very interesting image…well done!

  8. lina@my home sweet home

    A creative portrait.

  9. paul

    Thanks for the comments and wishes. I am recovering well from the op (RARP) and am cautiously optimistic about the rest.

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