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Snakes and Ladders

Scaffolds, Lopdell Houise

Scaffolds, Lopdell Houise

Only a few months ago, the scaffolds had come off the refurbished Lopdell House. Now they came back – looks like there was a roofing job on the tower that had to be completed.

That’s the story of the ladders. And what about the snakes? There are none in NZ!

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  1. HansHB

    A great b&w photo!

  2. Taken For Granted

    Good things workers and young and fearless. Lovely b&w photo with all those levels and ladders. Never played the game.

  3. John

    There must be a few guys who qualify as ‘snakes’, even in NZ.

  4. Dragonstar

    That’s just what it looks like! Well, apart from the snakes, of course. There are none here in Ireland either, apart from imports. I love the added lines of the shadows in this photo.

  5. Christian

    In B&W it looks like a scene from a crime story, great photo.

  6. Gemma Wiseman

    Now that’s a tangled network of iron. Like some cryptic code for builders only.

  7. Amy

    so glad there aren’t snakes here!

  8. NatureFootstep Photo

    wow, I like the way you treated the image. The texure is so beautiful to the scenary. 🙂

  9. Rajesh

    Very well captured.

  10. LonettA

    Gorgeous photo in B&W! Great contrast!

  11. Laura Hegfield

    Wonderful composition!

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