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God Defend …

God Defend New Zealand

God Defend New Zealand

This mural graces a house on Point Chevalier Road. It was created for and used in a 2011 TV documentary by David Ferrier on the history of the New Zealand National Anthem (“God Defend New Zealand” – which replaced “God Save the Queen” in 1972). On the left is a portrait of John Joseph Woods, the composer of the tune, while Thomas Bracken, the author of the words, is on the right.

The mural was created by the Cut Collective.

The house is now a boutique for classy accoutrements, Two Daughters and Friends. Open 24/7 if you shop online, and a very select few hours if you wish to shop in person.

Ending with a quote from the documentary: “The product of an Irishman’s song writing competition during the 1800s, judged by three German guys living in Australia!” The documentary (in several instalments) can be found here (hoping that it’s available outside NZ).

And finally a youtube clip of our national anthem in sign language.

God Defend Two Daughters and Friends

God Defend Two Daughters and Friends

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  1. Amy

    very cool! love it!

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