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160,000 Bees

Honey Bees, Victoria Park (pars pro toto)

Honey Bees, Victoria Park (pars pro toto)

No, I did not count them, not even the ones in the top picture… I am relying on the number given in the writeup about The Park. The Park is one of the works featuring under the POP banner: created by Alt Group as part of an artists’ collective to generate creativity, fun, and new experiences in Auckland.

The concept of this display is due to artists Sarah Smuts-Kennedy and Taarati Taiaroa, executed through Beezthingz, with the blessing of Auckland Council.

A hexagon has been roped off and six bench hives placed in the centre of the grassed area along Beaumont Street, next to the skate park and opposite of the BikeLab. The bees are going about their business (since May, and still busy even on the cold but sunny day last week when I visited). People pass by, look at the work, read the information signs, and think beautiful thoughts about bees (how we would be starving without them, how they are endangered, how we can help by planting bee-friendly plants – Pollen Hotels- and creating corridors).

And in the unlikely event that you get stung, epipens are available at the BikeLab and around the corner at the ecostore, 1 Scotland Street.

Bench Hives, Victoria Park

Bench Hives, Victoria Park

Hives and Onlookers

Hives and Onlookers

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  1. William Kendall

    July 24, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Anything to help them out is a good thing. A nice setting in that park.

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