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No 1 Pancake

No 1 Pancake, Lorne Street

No 1 Pancake, Lorne Street

The City Daily Photo theme for August is “Takeaway Store”. Click here for pictures from all over the world interpreting the theme.

This is a popular spot for a quick and inexpensive bite. Most of the time there are a few people standing, waiting for their pancake to be prepared in front of them. Tucked into the narrowest of nooks by the corner of Lorne and Wellesley Streets.

These are Korean pancakes, sweet as well as savoury. Facebook.

A Glimpse on the Hotplate

A Glimpse on the Hotplate


  1. major yum! my favourite topping is lemon juice and sugar

  2. looks nice. The top one looks like it has a French style.

  3. There’s no shortage of places here that make pancakes, of course, but generally not as a take away dish. I’d be happy to stop by that place.

  4. Those are mighty chunky pancakes.

  5. Never had a Korean pancake. They look pretty thick and one would probably suffice.

  6. They look pretty thick. So, do the fillings go inside?

  7. Oh, yes! I am so there for breakfast.

  8. And they are working hiegynic too, it seems. Nice place.

  9. I’m getting hungry looking at those pancakes. And the shop has “wheels” for the take away theme!

  10. What substantial pancakes!

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