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Jewish Prayer House

Jewish Prayer House, Oratia

Jewish Prayer House, Oratia

Situated at 541 West Coast Road, the Oratia Cemetery is one of the smaller places of interment around Auckland. If you enter through the green gate, the view past the gravesites reveals this simple cottage of kauri weatherboards. Built in 1886 in the Jewish section of the vast Waikumete Cemetery, it had fallen into disrepair when it was removed from its original site in 1992. Through the efforts of David Harre, it was relocated and restored in its present location, reopening in November 1999.

Used as mortuary chapel and for small events.

Jewish Prayer House, Oratia

Jewish Prayer House, Oratia


  1. Dina

    So interesting, and for me, unexpected.
    We Jews are certainly dispersed in far corners of the world.

  2. William Kendall

    I’m surprised that there was enough of a Jewish population in that part of the world. Looks like a peaceful spot.

  3. paul

    Wikipedia has an article about the history of Jews in New Zealand, from the 1840’s. Apart from the Jewish section of Waikumete Cemetery out West, there is also the old Jewish Cemetery in town, next to the Symonds Street bridge. (Oratia Cemetery is administered by the Anglican Diocese of Auckland.)

  4. Amy

    love it! I’m glad it was kept and restored.

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