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Not Much Happening …

Sentry Box, Waterview

Sentry Box, Waterview

… at least not above ground. This sentry box overlooks the slope going down from Great North Road to Oakley Creek (Waterview). The entire area is studded with sensors, watching out for any subsidence; theodolites and guards keeping watch. Below ground is where the action is: Alice, the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) is approaching its northern destination (well, it could still be a couple of months before “she” emerges above ground). Any movement detected by the sensors would not be good news. (Behind the sentry box you can spot red flowers of coral trees.)

See the Herald for more. Or Alice’s Facebook page.




  1. William Kendall

    We have a tunnel boring process going on here under downtown at present. Eventually it’ll get done.

  2. bill burke

    Interesting project, hopefully no movements will occur.

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