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Inline Skeleton …

Inline Skeleton Movement

Inline Skeleton Movement

movement of a mantle clock.

The City Daily Photo theme for October is “Movement” – click here for more interpretations of the theme. (In still photography, rapid movement results in blur, as seen in the balance wheel at the top. The double reflections result from the fact that the movement is mounted between two glass panes.)


  1. Oh, it is beautiful! I tried to think of all the meanings of movement, but the movement of a clock escaped me.

  2. Interesting subject.

  3. The craftmanship that goes into that is remarkable!

  4. I was wondering if someone was going to post a watch movement. Thanks.

  5. Very cool movement. I like the reflection!

  6. There are some very shiny gears here.

  7. You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I\’m glad you picked this to share with us.

  8. nice choice for the theme 🙂

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