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Kiteboarding, Muriwai

Kiteboarding, Muriwai

A strong wind and plenty of waves dominate the scene as a kiteboarder zooms through the water at Muriwai Beach.

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  1. bill burke

    looks very nice both the ocean and the day.

  2. William Kendall

    Wow! Spectacular shot!

  3. nathalie, Avignon

    Dear Paul, did you choose the anti-spam word? It’s Swimmer!!!
    Anyway the shot is awesome as one would say in America. I hadn’t seen such a powerful sea in a long time. We do have plenty of kiteboarders in the Med and of course they choose windy days but the seas here doesn’t get anywhere as big as the ocean downunder.
    Thanks, you made my day.

  4. Peter B

    What an amazing feeling that must be! Very beautiful shot.

  5. Judy

    I really like the way the expanse of ocean makes the figure so insignificant, yet the bright kite is the focal point of the whole image!!

  6. Karl

    This is fantastic !

  7. Eileen

    Awesome shot of the ocean and kiteboarder.. Have a great weekend and happy skywatching!

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