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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

I have included pictures of traffic cones at various times. The most creative use was seen last weekend at the Whau Arts Festival in Avondale. This is the view from underneath the dome, and a general view for orientation below.

Antigravity”, an installation by the University of Auckland’s architecture students that examines how places can be temporarily activated to create instant urbanity that serves as a catalyst for communities and change.

For more black and white images check out Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.

Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones


  1. HansHB

    Lovely b&w photos!

  2. Taken For Granted

    When I first looked at your first photo I didn’t know what it was. But it all became clear. You have a most creative picture. It should be printed and hung in a gallery.

  3. Dragonstar

    I do like this! Amazing patterns.

  4. Anemonen

    Like this post very much.

  5. Laura Hegfield

    fascinating work of art… even more interesting as a black and white image!

  6. William Kendall

    It reminds me of the interior of a high tech machine, that first shot.

  7. LonettA

    Absolutely gorgeous! Very creative and artistic!

  8. Gemma Wiseman

    The shapes and patterns in the first photo remind me of candleholders waiting to be lit. A fascinating perspective.

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