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One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

The City Daily Photo theme for November is “Landmarks”. Click here for landmarks throughout the world.

The Auckland Volcanic Field comprises over 50 volcanoes, with the earliest eruption (Onepoto) about 250,000 years ago, and the most recent one (Rangitoto) about 600 years ago. Most appear as hills, but some of them are under water as lagoon or lake – and some buried beneath volcanic ash. The eruption of One Tree Hill, shown here, is not dated precisely, but thought to go back at least 28,000 years. With its obelisk, One Tree Hill is a well loved landmark, visible from many places, also a great lookout when you are on top. You can read about the “one” tree (which is not there any more) in wikipedia, and a picture is here.

Looking down into one of its craters

Looking down into one of its craters


  1. William Kendall

    What a beautiful place!

    I did click on the link, and sure enough, there’s mention that this is the place U2 wrote about in the Joshua Tree album with one of their songs.

  2. Jack

    A most informative post about a local landmark. Though I am not as fond of the text that people find necessary to decorate the craters with.

  3. Julie

    I wonder why we humans feel it necessary to remove a tree (or cause it not to flourish) and then replace it with an obelisk. I have an obelisk like this wedged in my memory from when I lived in Newcastle, NSW. It is forever linked with “Land of Hope and Glory”. Poor, poor, pitiful me …

  4. Jim

    Powerful image

  5. Jen

    I was brought up in Auckland
    lovely seeing this – lots of memories flooding back in
    not that I would live there again – too busy

    when they pulled the tree down I took my children to the park for the day to watch
    my daughter was only 8 then and she was photographed by the newspaper hugging the trunk

  6. Kay

    Looks like a nice spot…and it would be a bit of a comfort that your volcanoes aren’t very active these days.

  7. Mersad

    Awesome views! I really like those bumpy hills, and how they lead the eye up towards that obelisk. Visiting you from City Daily Photo today.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. wilf wang

    The green is lovely, the obelisk is a eyes catcher…..beautiful photo.

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