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Uru (Brett Graham, 2013)

Uru (Brett Graham, 2013)

Uru (Brett Graham, 2013)

One of the pieces at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery’s inaugural exhibition is Brett Graham’s “Uru”, hand carved from beech wood (courtesy of Shirley and Russell Hodgson and Two Rooms, Auckland).

The exhibition note says:

In this carved wall relief, Brett Graham (Ngati Koroki Kahukura) draws upon the many connotations ‘uru’ evokes in the Maori world. It is the direction from which Maori ancestors arrived, in their gradual movement from the west to east. to colonise the islands of the Pacific. it is also to the west that the ancestors are said to return, towards the direction of the setting sun back to the homeland of Hawaiki. The black lacquer makes reference to the idea of the west as a spiritual realm while the radiating grooves converging in the centre relate to notions of movement and mapping, and in particular the lines of longitude and latitude.

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  1. William Kendall

    A bit mesmerizing!

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