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Mural by Saner (2014)

Mural by Saner (2014)

Mural by Saner (2014)

This huge mural brightens up one of the black walls of a warehouse (presently for sale) next to Ian McKinnon Drive in Eden Terrace. A prime position for a mural with optimal visibility. Manual Magazine has an interview with the Mexican artist (Edgar Saner Flores, ‘Saner‘) with a video of the creation of the piece.

Here his comments on this piece:

I was invited by the Pacifico Beer company to create a mural with my vision and an exhibition, this as an activation and to create a different experience.

The mural is inspired by our trip to New Zealand and our journey through life. The characters and symbols, like the driver with the jade mask represent all those who face new experiences and take challenges that make them lose their fears regardless of the outcome of things, always guided by reason and trust (the house and the kiwi on the tip of the spear).”

Mural by Saner (2014)

Mural by Saner (2014)


  1. William Kendall

    I like the style- it certainly stands out.

  2. Amy

    very unusual and funky

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