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Aging Room

Aging Room

Aging Room

No, it’s not me in God’s waiting room, but rather a display/dry aging cabinet at the Neat Meat Company in Ponsonby Central. You can look from the outside in, or from the inside out.

The City Daily Photo theme for March is “Aging”. Click here for more contributions to the theme.

Aging Room

Aging Room


  1. Marjan van Oostrum

    Aging room, so very original!

  2. Dina

    Oh, that’s a good one! That’s going to be some tasty dinner.

  3. Jim

    Great theme day post for Ageing.

  4. William Kendall

    That’s a good twist on the theme, Paul!

  5. Jen Massey

    interesting take on the theme πŸ™‚

  6. Grace

    Now that’s a unique take on the theme Paul, super reflections also.. but I’m glad I’m vegetarian πŸ™‚

  7. Julie

    Aha … “always be faithful to quality” …

    An ageing room for meat. Well … I have seen ageing rooms for cheeses, but not for meat. I like the name of the company, too. I think they would be called latte-sipping-tree-huggers on this side of the ditch.

    How panicked would customers be, hey, if they saw a trapped blowie INSIDE the cabinet.

  8. EG CameraGirl

    Interesting take on the theme! For sure I have never seen an ageing place for meat.

  9. Dina

    We could combine your aging meats and my blog’s aging wines for a nice barbie. πŸ™‚

  10. gerald

    ah that is a lovely take on the theme

  11. cieldequimper

    Excellent choice. Makes my mouth water.

  12. Lauren Kennedy

    Well done…great shot and neat theme entry.

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