Bird with Arms (Paul Walsh)

Bird with Arms (Paul Walsh)

Utility box on Carrington Road, near Unitec. Inscription on the side panel reads: ‘Bird with arms’ by Paul Walsh. This artwork was sponsored by Julia Wehner.

On poking around on the internet I found that in 2013, Paul Walsh ran a crowd funding project through pledge me for 10 utility boxes with a goal of NZ$350 (that’s $35 per box – what a bargain!). Not surprisingly, the target was reached on day 1, the total eventually reaching $1300, promised to yield even more boxes. The reward for a $35 subscription was “Your name in paint”: I will paint ‘this artwork funded by [your name]’ on the side of one of the exchange boxes, as well as sending you a signed sketch. Bam! Now you’re funding public art like a millionaire!


Paul Walsh on Facebook.

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