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Two Days Late

Macaron Meadow

Macaron Meadow

On Friday, Virginia of Paris Through My Lens mentioned that there is such a thing as “Macaron Day” (yummee – March 20). Little did I know that the day after I would be facing a “Macaron Meadow” at the Urbis Design Day display of the De Longhi Group (coffee machines, kitchen machines, etc). I think it would have been impolite to run off with any of the flowers in the display, but you were encouraged to sample the macarons – you could even get a psychoanalysis of your colour choice! (So if you did not get it right the first time, you had to taste the colour that matched your profile better…) An example from many of my attempts: “Searching for the purest looking treat, you chose to avoid the crowds and instead opt for a clean culinary canvas, Simplicity at its finest is your saviour.” Smooth words indeed!

And to top it off, Yenny of ma cherie french pastry demonstrated the making of the product (using a Kenwood Chef). Love Urbis Design Day!

(My tribute to the macaron comes 2 days late.)

Macaron Meadow

Macaron Meadow

Nearly Ready

Nearly Ready


  1. William Kendall

    I am going to have to remember this for next year- surely there’s a bakery here that makes them.

  2. Anna Tahiti Daily Photo

    Beautiful photos … nice to see colored macarons among colored flowers … I really like this brilliant idea !

  3. Lois

    They look wonderful! I have been obsessed with macarons ever since I tried them in Paris last year. Fortunately I found a French pastry shop near where I live and their macarons are almost as good as the ones I had in Paris.

  4. Julie

    umm … I love the colours … I love the combination of macaron amd fleurs … I love the macaron meadow … I am just under-whelmed by the biscuit. Heresy, I know. I am full of heresies this month …

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