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Xoe Hall Mural in East Street

Xoe Hall Mural in East Street

The KRoad Business Association celebrated a weekend (9/10/11/12 April) “All Fresco” of mural painting, adding to the already remarkable stock of public art of their precinct. When I toured at about lunchtime Saturday, there were works in various stages of completion, with this one by Xoe Hall probably the most finished. The characters and glitter a splendid fit for its environment!

The mural is finished, you can see the final result on Xoe’s Facebook page (“Zig-Zag Boutique”).

Artist lineup: Askew One, Berst, Cinzah, Component, Erin Forsyth, Gasp, Haunt One, Jeremy Shirley, Jon Drypnz, Owen Dippie, Tanja Jade, Trustme, Xoe Hall.

For more murals, visit Oakland Daily Photo.

Xoe Hall at Work

Xoe Hall at Work


  1. Amy

    oh how very cool! I love seeing artistry like that – so clever!

  2. William Kendall

    I like what I see thus far!

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