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AMP Centre

AMP Centre

The City Daily Photo theme for May is “Revolution”. Click here to meet more revolutionary ideas in words and pictures.

Shown here is the entrance to the AMP Centre in Customs Street, Auckland Central. With 21 levels of premium corporate office space, this might not be the place for revolutions — were it not for the shiny revolving door…


  1. Anna Tahiti Daily Photo

    Great photo and interpretation of the theme day

  2. William Kendall

    And the look of the revolving doors makes for an even more pleasing image. Good take on the theme!

  3. Sharon

    What a perfect choice for today’s theme. I can’t think of a single place in the Phoenix area that has revolving doors like this.

  4. Denton

    Very nice interpretation on the theme. I like it.

  5. Jim

    Great choice for theme day.

  6. Dina

    That’s a great choice and a fascinating photo.

  7. Kate

    Quite a modern revolving door!

  8. Lauren Kennedy

    It is gorgeous. How I would like to go for a spin in it :).

  9. Julie

    These are very clever doors, but traps for the aged and infirm (of mind, too). I do like all the bevelled reflections that it creates, too.

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