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Alan Robertson

Alan Robertson

Meet Alan who runs a gallery called “alonymous“, exhibiting his lifelong photography in Grey Lynn at 598 Great North Road. A great range of subjects from many places, digital prints $10 in size A3 – would have to be the bargain of the year. It’s a colourful neighbourhood, framed by a sushi shop at the left and a bric-a-brac (“Jo’s Stall”) on the right, all in the same building. A pragmatic fit-out concentrates the eye on the cradles of prints.

I noticed the distressed door leading from the back of the showroom to his private quarters, and he explained that it was a souvenir from a previous home around the corner (“the more distressed the better” – showing me some fine black and white prints of Irish houses in various states of repair). As I was about to leave, he caught sight of a bit of fluff on the rug – “we like it tidy – must get the Hoover”. A relic of yesteryear in perfect working order and in perfect harmony with the environment. Nice meeting you, Alan, the slower pace suits you!



"We like it tidy"

“We like it tidy”


  1. William Kendall

    A good play on words, and I like that distressed door.

  2. Stefan Jansson

    Sounds like an interesting man.

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