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More Distress

Watch This Space

Watch This Space

In keeping with Alan of alonymous (“the more distressed the better”), here is what looks like a well-cultivated distressed look, undergoing a makeover. The canopy still identifies it as “The Time Machine”, but their Facebook page says farewell and thanks to customers from April 1. The newspapers are barely a couple of weeks old, you may recognise Jeb B’s likeness.

I remember an earlier incarnation of this place under the name of “Olivia’s Boutique” and “ERA Boutique” about five years ago (below, with a youthful selfie).

Olivia's Boutique

Olivia’s Boutique

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  1. William Kendall

    Newspapers are sometimes used, but these days it’s usually brown paper put over windows when they’re renovating a place like that.

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